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5 Compelling Reasons to Consider Tile for your Floors

floortile3When you think of luxury flooring, what comes to mind? The answer is probably hardwood, plush carpet, or even marble. Tile may seem like a good budget option, but is it really a serious contender for today’s discerning homeowner? After all, your floors are an important investment. They directly affect both your lifestyle at home and your home’s market appeal.

With every year that passes, tile becomes a more attractive options for millions of homeowners across the country. Here are the top five reasons for this:

1. Styles have evolved

If you were shopping for tile fifteen years ago, your options would be somewhat limited. The salesman would tell you that tile is a dependable surface that lasts a long time, but you might think that other types of flooring (wood, carpet, etc.) are more attractive and desirable.

This isn’t necessarily the case today. Modern home showcases and magazine spreads are full of immaculate tile designs. In some cases, it’s nearly impossible to tell a real hardwood floor from a floor laid with faux-hardwood tile.

2. Maintenance concerns

Tile is still one of the most dependable and worry-free types of flooring out there. Many varieties are virtually impossible to stain, and cleaning the floor takes only a few minutes. Water damage is also much less of a problem (at least where your floors are concerned).

3. An economical solution

It’s true that some of the most advanced and custom-printed tiles on the market can be spendy, as can tile made of expensive materials like natural stone. But in general, even some of the most modern and beautiful tile floors are considerably more affordable than traditional upscale options such as hardwood or high-quality carpet. Materials and installation are cheaper in themselves. On top of that, the cost of maintaining the floors over a period of years is often next to zero.

4. Environmentally sound

Many types of tile are made of natural and recycled materials. Plus, you don’t need to use harsh chemicals or cleaning processes to maintain it. Added longevity means you make your floors last longer with fewer resources and lower maintenance.

5. Longevity

Speaking of longevity, tile installations routinely last a decade or two, depending on the quality of the installation and the skill of the tile specialist you work with. If you nail a design and style you’re happy with, and fits your home perfectly, you won’t have to worry about investing in your flooring for a long time.

Is Tile the Right Choice for Your Flooring?

Other flooring options will continue to be desirable, offering their own unique traits and advantages. But in a world where functionality and design go hand-in-hand, tile flooring has emerged as one of the most compelling choices for floors of all types, sizes and budgets. If tile eventually does become your choice, it’s important to select your material carefully, and to research tile installation specialists with an eye on experience, skill, customer service and honest fee structures.

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