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5 Great Tile Ideas For Your Office Fit-out

Nothing completes an office fit-out like amazing tile choices. You want your office to feel comfortable but reflect a classy aesthetic. Your commercial space deserves the right feel, one that is welcoming to clients and one that is enjoyable to work in, too.

Tiles are the perfect choice for any office fit-out, but which tile is the right tile? Well, it all depends on your taste and your needs, but let’s check out the 5 greatest tile ideas.

Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are a combination of clay materials and are then quarried and prepared before being placed in a mold to create tiles. There are a variety of ways to form them and generally involve a dry press before the material is molded under intense pressure. It’s then finished by hardening it in a kiln to create the perfect finish.

They come in a variety of patterns, styles, and colors which makes them an excellent choice for any office space.


This igneous rock is a popular choice because it’s hard and dense. It features natural speckles of minerals that are found in the rock which provides them with a distinctively unique appearance. It’s also available in hundreds, if not thousands, of colors and it’s scratch resistant once it has been polished. It’s a great choice for areas that are high-traffic.


Nothing screams class like choosing tiles made from this metamorphic rock. Not only is it available in a wide variety of colors, it’s rich veining is unique to every piece. It is particularly porous, though, especially compared to granite so if it’s being placed in a particularly high-traffic area regular sealing will be required.


Limestone comes in shades of both dark and light and provides a natural, earthy appearance. The great thing about limestone is that the finish is up to you – you can have it polished smoothly or leave it with a texture. It’s also less dense than both marble and granite, this means it’s prone to scratches and can stain easily. While it might not be the right choice for a home kitchen, it could be the perfect option for an office.


Slate is widely available and it’s a darker, earthy toned tile. It can be finished and polished to a smooth and honed finish, otherwise, it’s textured. It’s a great choice for a high-traffic spot.

Remember, not every finish is right for every location, so think about your needs before you make your final tile choice. Consider how much traffic your office sees because if it’s a high-traffic spot and you have clients and guests coming in and out all day then you’ll want a tile that is more durable. Tiles are an investment, so make sure yours is a lasting one.

You should also consider how easy it will be to make repairs if it becomes necessary. Maintenance is another aspect of tiles that you should consider – if there’s a risk of spills and stains in the area you’re going to want something that won’t stain and/or is easy to buff and polish.

Of course, you may also want to factor in your budget. Don’t make your choice simply because it’s more inexpensive, factor everything in and make sure you are using your money wisely. Give us a call today for the right advice!