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About the Owner:

Peter Kyriakoulis is the proud owner of Interface Tile. He comes from a traditional Greek background and at an early age his parents instilled a very strong work ethic in him. Because they came from another country, they knew how hard it was to make it in America. They constantly inspired him to work hard throughout his life. Peter speaks 5 languages which is extremely helpful with training, leading and dealing with customers from many different backgrounds. Peter worked for his father and uncle for over 25 years and is proud to be an owner of a family owned business.

To say Peter has a “strong work ethic” is actually an understatement. He works over 65 hours on a normal work week and has been known to put in 80 plus hours per week on occasion. Does this sound boastful, or like we are bragging? It is simply how Pete works and how his father worked before him. Many times when his employees go home to their families, Peter is still out in the field, completing estimates to accommodate his clients busy lives and schedules. Weekend appointments are another way he shows how much he values and appreciates his clients.

Owner, Peter Kyriakoulis

Peter and his wife have a daughter and a son. It is very important to him that his children see how hard he works so they appreciate their way of life. He reminds them on a daily basics that nothing in life comes free. Working hard and appreciating what they have are values that are very important to him. His wife is also very important to him personally and professionally as she has a significant roll in the business. Peter is extremely blessed and thankful to God for all he has.

Peter Kyriakoulis’ drive and professionalism is vital to achieving the goals he has for Interface Tile. Interface Tile is committed to deliver at 100% the of our best ability, which speaks to overall quality of the company. Integrity creates trusting relationships with clients coworkers and supervisors. Our clients trust Peter’s advice as he is involved in every job. His emphasis on high quality and attention to detail show in the end result.

A sense of responsibility is passed down from the top and it is crucial to lead by example. Interface Tile representatives show up on time and put extra effort into every project because we want our customers to be 100% satisfied. Peter works with his employees to keep the company functioning at it’s peak and demands excellence from everyone on his team. They are expected to care about the quality of their work and the results show that they do. Our commitment to exceed customer goals and deliver quality work drives this business and the reputation of Interface Tile. Relationships are built on mutual respect make collaborations go much smoother. Many Interface Tile employees have been with the company for decades, are well taken care of and comprise a highly dedicated workforce. Reduced turnover ensures experience, thorough training and quality on every project.

You want your tile installation to go as smoothly as possible. Interface tile has had the pleasure of helping many residents and businesses in New Jersey. Our service area covers many counties including: Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Bergen, Mercer, Somerset, Hunterdon, Union counties and beyond. New Jersey Homeowners, business owners and property managers can improve their surroundings and increase the value of their homes and businesses by updating their living space or office look even more beautiful.

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